About LaRese

LaRese Purnell, a native of Cleveland, Ohio and the youngest of three siblings, is a family man who proudly professes God as the Head of his household. He is the proud father of two wonderful children who are being nurtured as wealth builders of their own generation.

After graduating from Warrensville Heights High School, LaRese attended the University of Toledo and attained a Bachelor’s degree in Professional Sales and Marketing, as well as a Master’s of Business Administration in Finance. LaRese currently serves as a managing partner of CLE, Creating Leading Enterprises, an accounting and professional services consulting firm in Cleveland.


At first glance, LaRese Purnell is an accomplished financial expert and author of Financial Foundations. But underneath the starched collars and the power ties, he is a philanthropic man beseeching the community at large to break free from their financial bondage. 

LaRese is sensitive to the plight of the underserved because he has experienced their same dilemmas. As a child, LaRese was shuffled through many of Cleveland’s homeless shelters. His memories of those who helped by investing their time and money into his family, motivate him to give back to the community he was once a part of, as well as the community at large. 

LaRese’s humanitarian efforts extend to a number of organizations in the Cleveland area. As President of the Board at Faith Community United Credit Union, LaRese devotes countless hours addressing financial issues that are responsible for the disconnection between community residents and their financial wealth with a focus on the under banked and underserved. The term “wealth builder” defines who LaRese is and underscores his commitment to community.

As a board member of the YMCA of Greater Cleveland, LaRese develops and participates in initiatives that will help keep youth off the streets and engaged in programs that will mold leadership and entrepreneurial skills. He holds a position on the Boards of South Pointe Cleveland Clinic Hospital, the Urban League of Greater Cleveland, Big Brother’s, Big Sister’s and the Council for Economic Opportunities in Greater Cleveland.

He’s the author of Financial Foundations, Building Financial Freedom One Tool at a Time; using everyday language, LaRese addresses the most fundamental questions and concerns people have about money. On the horizon for 2017, LaRese will release the second edition, Financial Foundations, Building Financial Freedom One Tool at a Time 2.0.

LaRese is the creator of The Real Black Friday, an initiative to bring awareness and exposure to Black-owned and operated businesses in northeastern Ohio. The purpose is to inform the community of the number and types of Black-owned businesses, while also encouraging individuals to financially support these businesses as consumers. African Americans currently have buying power worth more than $1.2 trillion dollars, yet we spend little of our money within the context of the Blacked-owned business. Oftentimes, this is due to lack of exposure because the community is unaware of the “who” or “where” of Black-owned businesses.

The website, was created for use by businesses to advertise their services and deals and to assist consumers to locate the same.