For business owners to be successful, they need to have an understanding of fundamental financial principles and increasingly sophisticated business practices to stay out of legal trouble and in the black.

The answer? Financial education.

Black business owners are often at a disadvantage because they operate their businesses with vibrant ideas and optimistic attitudes, but with little knowledge of accounting, taxes, budgeting, cost-benefit analysis, or other management principles that are necessary for financial integrity, sustained profitability, and growth.

And it’s not just the business owners who are at a disadvantage. Aspiring entrepreneurs are often discouraged before they even begin. They have brilliant ideas that can improve lives, but don’t know where to start, what kind of entity they should be, or what paperwork they need to file with the IRS.

With the help of educational partners including local colleges and universities, we can equip entrepreneurs and business owners with the right tools and information to successfully start, manage, and expand their businesses.

Using relationship-centered principles, we do something far more meaningful than building businesses; we build the people running the businesses.

Want to learn how to grow your small business?

#TRBF wants to help! We want to help ensure that not only is your business successful, but that #TRBF helps to provide you with a few tools to help along the way.


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