Christia Bella Jewelers

Christia Bella Jewelers
Owner: Raffael Reese

Our Location:
Warrensville Center Rd. N. Randall, OH 44128

Hours of Business: Monday, Wednesday, Friday, and Saturday. 5-10:pm *By Appointment Only

Industry :Retail

Description: Christia Bella Jewelers is a high end, high quality company that serves both men and women who are looking for sophisticated merchandising. We also cater to the chic urban community. At Christia Bella Jewelers, we spare no expense to make you feel like a rock star! Christia Bella Jewelers, “What Every Man & Woman Wants to Wear”.

Years in Business: 1-3yrs

We Are Hiring!
Regional Managers
Sales Positions
Experienced Advertisers

Social Media:
Facebook: Raffael Reese
Twitter: Christia Bella
LinkedIn: Raffael Reese

Our Special Black Friday Deal:
20% off sale on all merchandise above $75. 00 or more.