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Consumers all over Northeast Ohio will be visiting this site for all the deals & sales being promoted during The Real Black Friday weekend, August 14th-16th, 2015 and thereafter! Don’t miss out on the chance for more exposure and awareness of your local black owned business! Registration is free!

As a Black-owned business owner, these are the reasons you should be involved in The Real Black Friday:

  • Brand Awareness
  • Possible New clientele and increased revenue
  • Product Exposure
  • Community and small business impact
  • Networking Opportunities

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Please complete this form in its entirety to register your business.

All information provided will be placed on the website giving customers the ability to learn where your business is located, how to contact you, and what specials you are offering during The Real Black Friday weekend, August 15th-17th.

*All Fields are REQUIRED

Business Info:

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If Other, please specify:

Brief Description of Business

How many years have your been in business?
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The Real Black Friday Deal

We welcome you to participate in offering a discounted service or product during
"The Real Black Friday Weekend". What Deal would you like to advertise on our website?

Agree to the Terms And Conditions* :

 We understand that acceptance in the program does not imply an endorsement of our business by The Real Black Friday or Black Card Savings Card (the program) of our products or services and we will not use Black Card Savings Card and The Real Black Friday logos and names to imply such an endorsement.

 We understand that our participation in the program is effective upon approval of this agreement by The Real Black Friday. We also acknowledge that this agreement The Real Black Friday and that violation of the above terms may result in automatic removal from the program.

 I, as owner, agrees that my business will adhere to the Customer Service Best Practices


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